Loved seeing “Karen” by Courtney DiPasquale at the @lesleyuniversity BFA + MFA art and design exhibition! #femaleartists #lesleyuniversity #lesleyartanddesign #cambridge #fabricandthread

A close-up of this one from last week at Tamworth Plein Air in New Hampshire. Very nicely purchased by the owner of the Holstein cow. I knew it was worth painting exactly where those spots were! #pleinairpainting #remickfarm #wetpaint2018


Cropped version of a current #workinprogress He’s supposed to be standing at the bottom of a hill at the edge of a lake but I kind of like the ambiguous blue haze that disappears into nothing. . . . . #danbrenton #danmakesart #danielbrenton #watercolor #artist #handmade #newenglandartist #bostonartist #mothernature #contemporarylandscape #neverstopexploring #psychedelicart

Preparing for my July’ Portsmouth show in Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery & @nhartassociation . Also, packing little things to move to the new studio this weekend ☺️ Enjoy your Tuesday! 💪🏼🎉

Ok, so I’ve been off the grid for a few days. Lots of things happening that don’t fit into these little Instagram squares! And I usually can’t bring myself to post unless there’s something I really want to share (as opposed to posting for the sake of posting). ⠀ ⠀ 🤞 this week will bring more time for painting, so I can share some of that with you guys! What are you hoping to accomplish this week?