This is the level of current we are collecting in. Bristlenose plecos, tetras etc swim through this with ease. In places it can be hard to even stand. #Aquarium #Aquariumfish #fishtank #fishtanks #guppies #bettafish #betta #bettas #bettasplendens #goldfish #goldfishunion #plantedtank #plantedaquarium #aquascape #cichlid #cichlids #angelfish #Koi #koipond

Up close and personal with this Titan Trigger fish What do you think he's coming over to say? : Rich Carey

Just after stocking the tank, they just need to feed after a few days. Later on, they should be fed constantly, if possible on a daily basis with a single scoop of Chi Ebi baby shrimp food together with Ebi Dama. The number of Shrimp in the tank essentially dictates the amount of food to be fed to them. The best food supplements are common vegetables like spinach and Swiss chard once a week. Leftovers should be removed from the tank after a maximum of two hours. It’s advisable for one to feed them with smaller amounts frequently than large amount every few days 😁🖤🦐

This vibrant creature is a two-spined angelfish, just three-inches long and native to the Indo-Pacific. This species is associated with coral reefs and is most abundant on outer reef drop-offs. The two-spined angelfish is found singly or in small schools feeding on algae. Their population is stable in the wild and they are commonly kept as pets as they are fairly inexpensive and easy to care for. Repost @joelsartore .

#nofilternecessary cause Jellyfish do their magic 😍 🇨🇦 My second time at @ripleysaquaca and I simply can't get enough. It is marvellous looking at those fish that we normally don't take the time to appreciate. 🐟 How all of them are different, all the colors that make them unique and their diverse characteristics.🐠 Jellyfish are by far my favororite (sorry Nemo, It is not that I don't love you but they stole my heart). Did you know those little friends change colour??? And jelly-beauties gave me as present wonderful lights that let me take those pictures 💕 Which is your favorite animal??? You now know mine 💓