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“Goodnight n go” snippet

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[ cmnt your name lbl + tag someone you love for a tbh/rate ] isabella jade. libra. puts other first. likes to make others happy. overthinker. sensitive. not in a good state of mind. no significant other. tries to be positive. hates making decisions. relates to chandler from friends. probably kinky. sub. doesn't say what's on her mind. has many regrets. will put act like everything is okay, when its not. cooks three in the morning. shawn mendes & ed sheeran. greys anatomy. always could use more friendships.

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Ariana’s POV I stood next to Nicki as she paid for or drinks for tonight, she only got four since it’s not going to be that big of a party...I didnt care about that it’s just I haven’t seen Zane in suck along time ago since the time I played billy ball with them at the beach him and they guys of course. “Hey, babe lets go?” Nicki said as she guided me outside. “We are gonna have a talk about you and Zane before we get back to this house” she said with a pointed and knowing look...right I never told her about Zane,oopsies While I climbed inside and started the car She immediately turned to me for answers as she crossed her arms and her legs tapping her foot. “Alright go on I’m listening” she said nodding her head for me to start my explanation. “ and Zane, we kinda had a moment a while ago...and ever since that moment I’ve never seen or spoken to him, sure at parties we would end up at there were glances but I made sure to stay away from him...his friends said he was bd news, and I believed them.” I said with a sigh. “But that moment, it was all to good to forget” I said looking to her as he eyes grew big. “Omg Ariana grande! You shared a moment with a hot 6’0 sexy man! And you did not tell me!” She yelled laughing and making me laugh. “Yeeeessss! I’m sorry!” I said giving her my pouty look as she held my chin and smiled. “It is okay because later I want details” she said and I smiled nodding to her. “Explicit or PG 13?” I asked as a joke and she gave me her look and I laughed nodding looking back at the road. “Explicit it is then.” ...okay well even though I told her...what am I going to do about seeing Zane again! #fanfiction #arianagrande #arianator #arianators #nickiminaj #nicki #arianagrandefanfic #writersofinstagram #writing #writingcommunity #wattpad