Another 15x15cm oil sketch from the #greatdividingtrail

My piece for day 4 of the #heartartchallenge that I'm catching up on. Day 4 focussed on Offering, seeing our art as a gift to give back to the world. It involved thinking of a person/place/thing in your life that you're grateful for, and creating a little piece with that as the focal point. I chose to try to capture some of the essence of my lovely friend @jammie_leaw who is so bright and lively, and is blessed with wonderful layers and facets that make up her personality. The translucent sunset orange drips are busy to reflect the reality of work + study + life, outlined by the loving support she shows her friends and family in hard times. 🧚‍♀️💜

Vector McGill Arts Building. 24x36. Adobe Illustrator. I’m so excited to finally be able to share this project! For over the past year I’ve been illustrating this vector portrait of my interpretation of the McGill arts building. Last year I had an internship at McGills Graphic Design department. Since a year has past I decided to surprise them by sending them this piece to give thanks for my great experience at McGill! #vector_id #thedesignstories #graphicdesigncentral #bestvector #graphicdesign #thedesigntip #vector #vectorart #simplycooldesign #graphicgang #adobe #adobeillustrator #illustrator #drawing #art #creativecloud #digital #digitalartwork #supplyanddesign #talenthouse #artistoninstagram #illustree #logonew #mcgill #mtlartist

This photos shows the sequence of events as to how I sculpt with fire while making a small piece. The upper left photo is of course, the finished work. Small pieces have to be more controlled else they will burn up quickly and there will be nothing left to alter in the end. When I want a piece to be more chunky and erratic I fan the flames. On larger pieces I tend to let the wind do it's own thing. On windy days my pieces are more erratic, and of course on still days my pieces tend to be more uniform. Nature's imprint on my work creates a visual timeline as to the ebbs and flow of nature's breath. #art #artistoninstagram #sculpture #contemporaryart #natureinspiredart #jonahjacobsart #artwork