It's landscaping season, get yourself some reclaimed bricks! We've got 2 pallets piled high. #diy #bricks #restore #recycle #upcycle #habitatforhumanity #topcity

Walk with me. Brick are cool. #bricks #sidewalk #walkway

Sucking in the last few moments of my first night in Amsterdam. What a nice day!

Chapter 9 The Four Houses: ——————————————————————— The first week of the summer break went past like a flash and the feud between me and Larry had all blown over and Me and Larry celebrated my eleven birthday where Larry had also promised me he would take me to buy my school supplies at a place he called “Diagon Alley” I wondered why we were going to go shopping in an Alley but for a place that teaches magic tricks it seemed normal enough. On an early Sunday morning, Larry woke me up early and we drove down the streets of London “Are you excited?” asked Larry “Yeah,” I said enthusiastically “Hey, Larry can you do magic without even knowing it?” “Yeah, I guess so why” “Well on Thursday last week I think I might’ve used magic?” “What makes you think that Tommy” Larry questioned “Well I was being bullied and he lifted up of the ground and started swaying from side to side. That’s why I came late from school that day” “Oh yeah, that’s a sign that you're ready to go to school and you need to be taught how to control these things,” replied Larry “Oh, I was wondering if you're not my stepfather why did my father give me to you?” I asked “Well, I and your father go way back. We were both in Slytherin and we were the best of friends but we started to drift apart at the end of our seventh year but we still kept in touch.” “What’s Slytherin?” I asked The word Slytherin sounded like a word a snake might say “Oh, I forgot to tell you about houses. Well, houses are where you spend most of your time in, there are four houses Gryffindor for brave, Slytherin for the cunning, Ravenclaw for the brains, and Hufflepuff is… well um it’s kind of for nobody” “I’ll probably be in Hufflepuff, I’m a nobody,” I said weakly “Hufflepuff isn’t really for nobody's it’s just when I was at Hogwarts most of the people said that if you don’t show any of the traits of the other three houses you placed in that house” explained Larry “How come you were in Slytherin your not that cunning?” I asked “Well I might not seem like it now but I and my father were back then,” he said with a short laugh. We then arrived at a building with a sign hanging above the door saying “The Leaky Cauldron" *** . #lwwrpu

Passion on the street

Ive always loved film and its has really taught me alot about photography so enjoy these quick pics from a oldschool cam. #photography #pictures #camera #duallens #beautiful #oldschool #bricks #contrast #blackandwhite #light #travel #bricks #lines #shadows #friends


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