DreamTale Frisk - BB1 Edit • For @infinitefanarts_ :3 I hope U like it! Also sorry for not being online in this Acc for awhile ;^; I actually love the Galaxy backgrounds I had chosen XD • ✔️dM fOr EdiTs '°🔻°' ✖️nO sTeAl oR cOpY ✔️BB nOtEs📝 ▪️yUmmY tAgS:- #builderbuddies #builderbuddiesedit

🐬 - dM fOr eDiTz :) #builderbuddies @builderbuddies #edit

Trading is the best 💜 gave Mia 15k on B.B. 1 #builderbuddies

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🦋🐷 - @emily.holland.bb1 dM fOr EdiTz ;3 #builderbuddies @builderbuddies #edit

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“Hey I’m vlogging here” @builderbuddies #builderbuddies #youtube_city

October 2, 2016 is when Youtube City was born, to celebrate Youtube City’s 2nd Anniversary I decide to do a 200 wool Giveaway on October 2nd, ik 200 is nothing compared to Amelia and Cai’s 5000 wool Giveaway but it’s something, if you would like to donate wools you are more than free to do so, just dm me! Youtube City has had its ups and downs but I decided to celebrate, ik this isn’t for a while yet but I want to make sure people know ahead of time and that we get 200 wools ready! I’ll post the times at a later time, thank you guys so much for supporting me all this time, it means a lot!💕 ~ Tags: #builderbuddies #blockbuddies #youtubecity #game #bb1 #bbmayorbb1 #giveaway #giveaways #wool #woolgiveaway #games #ios #phone #mayor #picture #pictures #pic #pics

I finally have my town. I'll reveal it soon. #builderbuddies #blockbuddies

BB Notes📝 -Old Theme -New Theme -3D Theme • ✔️dM fOr EdItS ’°🔻°’ ✖️nO sTeAl Or cOpY ✔️BB nOtEs📝 ▪️yUmmY tAgS:- #builderbuddies

Best Friends ~ BB1 Edit • Best Friends selfie! :3 Yea me and Shad R closest fwens in BB1 :D! Since U said that U want a request again,So there U go xD Wow. . I CANT BELIEVE THE 10 YEARS PASSED SO FAST XD! • We have been friends for like 2 Years owo (2017-2018) This is another 3D Edit Ok I need to stop doing 3D and do the original themes-- • Bye •w• ✔️dM fOr EdItS ’°🔻°’ ✖️nO sTeAl Or cOpY ✔️BB nOtEs📝 ▪️yUmmY tAgS:- #builderbuddies #builderbuddiesedit @shadowshuffler.r Love ya uwu

Another selfie edit! (OMG I NEED TO STOP XDDDD] I actually can't believe I can do 3D edits! But I will still do the new and old themed edits :)) I'm thinking of adding another person in the empty space there :3 • ✔️dM fOr EdItS ’°🔻°’ ✖️nO sTeAl Or cOpY ✔️BB nOtEs📝 ▪️yUmmY tAgS:- #builderbuddies #builderbuddiesedit

Itz Lunar ~ BB1 Edit • Yeee Another Edit Of Meh xD I Rlly love those kinds of edits :3 @ohitz.lunar (Me) I actually need to stop doing selfie edits XD • ✔️dM fOr EdItS ’°🔻°’ ✖️nO sTeAl Or cOpY ✔️BB nOtEs📝 ▪️yUmmY tAgS:- #builderbuddies #builderbuddiesedit [NEW THEME] + [SELFIE THEME]

Carly Cess ~ BB1 Edit • Selfie edit :3 First to shade in BB1! Also that's Carly laying in the sand taking a photo :) Here's another copy in the next page! :D Idk Why I always think it's a 3D Edit like @greenybub ;w; I Rlly love this so much-- If only she has Instagram too ;-; • ✔️dM fOr EdItS ’°🔻°’ ✖️nO sTeAl Or cOpY ✔️BB nOtEs📝 ▪️yUmmY tAgS:- #builderbuddies #builderbuddiesedit [3D THEME] / [SELFIE THEME]

Mah Potato Fwend changed her name into burnt potato LOL #itzpat #builderbuddies #enieslobby

BB Notes • These note systems are suggestions for future updates and more. Also my tbh and point of view! I might also add random text here.^^ • ✔️dM fOr EdItS '°🔻°’ ✖️nO sTeAl Or cOpY ✔️yUmmY tAgS:- #builderbuddies @builderbuddies

Coco Bubbles/Coco Coco ~ BB1 edit • Soo this is for my Fave BB1 editor :3 First to shade in BB1-- So if u shaded the skin,Ur Not First :P Hope U love it Coco! I won't get noticed Tho.. ;~; But if U did... This would mean the stars,universe,and whatnot to me! XDDD😂 • ✔️dM fOr EdItS '°🔻°’ ✖️nO sTeAl Or cOpY ✔️yUmmY tAgS:- #builderbuddies #builderbuddiesedit @wavelyeditz [NEW THEME]