Just another great morning. I have the best job in the world! Get to meet great people who share the same passion for hunting as I do. #beartrackoutfitters #cabelas #outdoorcanada #manitoba

#day2 #lh7daychallenge ✅ Everyone is doing great so far! No added run today for me since I worked all day, will be adding a run tomorrow 🏃🏼‍♀️ Feeling Good 🤙🏼 @loriharder

What gets me outdoors? The skill acquired, the knowledge learned, the memories made, THE PEOPLE who make it amazing!! . . Words can’t describe how I not only miss , severely , but love and appreciate these people. If you’re new to following me and my craziness outdoors. Here’s a flashback to just a few weeks ago. . What Canada had in store for me, was more than I could have asked for! I look like crap by most standards in these pictures, but I honestly don’t give a dang. I hunt, I’m not a model and this is a natural image of me. . . What I experienced in North Saskatchewan was something words can’t describe. I spent 5 days at camp with @saskbushman21 and @stephserblowski ( the creator of @shehuntress ) all thanks to @cjpikehunter and @adventure.destinations . . . This touches beyond “the industry “ this is what life as a hunter should be! I got to mark off a top 5 dream harvest of mine. This is something money could never buy. The people involved is what was the magic here. When I say I can’t wait to get back to them and hit the northern shield to hunt....I mean I think about it every day 😭😭 . . With a guide like @saskbushman21 who’s been around the world hunting and a companion like @stephserblowski who just as eager as myself, it’s easy to find sadness in their absence. . With my heart a slave to the hunt, I’ll be restless until we meet again. . . Thompson’s Camp Lake Otter, has a part of my heart I left willingly. . . Still to come, my commentary to match the video footage of this hunt! . @canadian__outdoors @outdoorchanneltv @sportsmanchannel @cabelas @realtreeoutdoors @realtree_life

NEW ROD + REEL!!! Lews 6’6” rod, medium heavy, fast action combined with my cabelas zx tournament baitcaster with a 7.1:1 gear ratio has got to be my favorite combination. Smooth accurate casts! @theoliviakirby even got the hang of throwing it after just 2 practice casts! Can’t wait to use it in some bluegrass kayak angler tournaments next year! #bassfishing #castingrod #kayakbassfishing #kayaking #GUDS #lews #bluegrasskayakanglers #ascend10t #cabelas

These kids got on some of this big bluefin action with us on yesterday’s trip and they worked together to get this one on the deck!! Love seeing kids out here sharing a passion for fishing!! Why do you think it’s important to get kids fishing?!? I have a huge list of reasons! 🛥: @SavvySportfishing

I LOVE SALMON FISHING!!! Sunday couldn’t come fast enough!!! #yeti #cabelas #redbull

Hey, El Paso folk, the Cabelas on the west side not only sells Morakniv knives, but they’re now selling the Kansbol model for 29.99. This blade has quickly become my favorite knife of all time! Incredible blade! #morakniv #morakansbol #cabelas #knife #knifeporn #camping #campfire #hiking #prepping #survival #knifelover

This particular farm has a lot of bean fields and a lot of cattle pasture!! Once the beans are gone the deer will have to compete with the cattle for a winter food source !! So, we will put in a 3 acre late season food plot of wheat/oats/turnips! Food year round is the key to holding and keeping deer!! Can't wait to see what we have here in November #worldwidetrophyadventures #WTA #Cabelas #SRO #Bealive #saltriveroutfitters