Had a lovely play date today with these tools of the trade:)

Still floating on a high from this amazing masterclass in @angemillerart 's studio last weekend 🧚‍♀️ Managed to get some flow going yesterday after work too 💜 Can't wait for payday next week either so I can order some bigger yupo, all the A4 and A3 sized bits at home now feel way too small 😂😂

-My Dad- (for real this time!) Decided to frame this one and was quite happy with the small empty space look. Since nearly all my drawings are no bigger than 3 inches I decided to put it in a larger frame and center mat it so it could still be on the wall with some cool depth. I was thinking that If I ever start to sell some originals this could be a classy way to do it. Any thoughts?

In honor of Judy Chicago’s 79th Birthday- The Art Gorgeous has a beautiful piece on her in their online mag. When I was young she was a tiger, a feminist, who was always pushing boundaries into discomfort. An Artist we knew would fight to push Herstory from a time when female artists were considered second rate, a time when no one took you seriously if you were a woman, to the present. We’ve come a long way, but still have a long way to go. “ if Feminist Art were Vogue, Judy Chicago would be Anna Wintour”. Swipe to see a photo of The Dinner Party, one of her most famous pieces. A massive installation finished in 1979 after more than 400 volunteers worked on it for 6 years. The Dinner Party is currently on view at the Elizabeth A Sackler Center for Feminist Art at The Brooklyn Museum. . . #fluidart #acrylliconcanvas #artcurator #Vogue #artdealer #carveouttimeforart #artcollectors #bouldermagazine #interiordecorator #contemporaryartcurator #fluidartwork #artconsultant #fluidacrylic #artheals #artistslife #landscape #artbuyers #hospitalitydesign #flowartist #contemporaryartgallery #denverartist #bouldermagazine #5280magazine #feministart #gabrielleshannon #gabrielleartstudio #gabrielleshannonstudio #artdecor #corporateart

The stars aligned for some sketching time yesterday. One kiddo doing play doh, one watching him from the high chair 🙌🏼

// even with all the walking and adventures we’ve still managed to do some art! 🌈👩🏻‍🎨☀️