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It’s been a pretty good week this past week. I’ve gotten a lot of work done on my personal website, and I’ll hopefully have that finished up within a few weeks. I also only have a few chapters left in my Javascript and jQuery book as well. That book is full of so much good information! I was expecting to read through it a lot more quickly that I have been, but it is very dense and I wanted to make sure that I absorbed as much info as I could. Even with reading it slowly, I know that I’ll still need to re-read it at some point 😂 I’m really looking forward to this week and all the new stuff that I’ll be learning. Hope everyone has a great week!👍

Well this is very interesting the image as rotated when I added it to my HTML but when I view it on my computer / phone it looks fine I wonder if this is a bug in the way that the image was taken by the phone because I know I am not rotating the image in the CSS so I am going to try and re convert it in photoshop to see if that fixs the problem as maybe the reason this might of happend is the phone thought that the phone orientation was in landscape mode so it took the image yet it was taken in portrait mode what a very odd problem. #iloveprogramming #coder #webdeveloper #buildtheweb #developerlife #developer #webdev #codeworld #programmingisfun #nerd #animefan #ilovecoding #thedevlife  #instadayli #developersetup #technology #html #bootstrap4  #webdesing #frontenddeveloper #animefigures #animenerd #animeotaku #dontstopcoding #codingismylife  #lovecoders #photobug

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