Wow can’t believe I got my needle on pointe today!! I only tried it recently and now I got it but just need to work on holding it for longer💜✨ @official_tts #dance #6weekchallenge #flexible #needle #pointe #ttsdancer #elitesquad

And I came hole to these two today 😍😍 I have been waiting for these for months. They are amazing figured, everything from the box to the accessories are spot on. @steveaustinbsr @chrisjerichofozzy #wrestling #collection #collector #Actionfigures #toys #wwe #wwf #worldwrestlingentertainment #worldwrestlingfederation #attidudeera #steveaustin #stonecoldsteveaustin #austin316 #chrisjercho #y2j #elitesquad

Yesterday's pick up is this amazing @therealkurtangle figure. @mattel wasted no time getting the two different looks of Kurt out, they obviously learned from the Hulk Hogan debacle. This is a great figure, the hoodie is a nice touch. I would have preferred an angrier face sculpt but it's a great addition to the collection #wrestling #collection #collector #Actionfigures #toys #wwe #wwf #worldwrestlingentertainment #worldwrestlingfederation #itstrueitstrueitsdamntrue #olympicgoldmedalist #elitesquad

Another completed project!! I am so grateful for our amazing team for pulling this entire job off in one day!! I tend to do things last minute 🤫.. and even though I sent a message to our leaders chat the night prior we still had 11 leaders that showed up ready to put in work on Sunday morning at 8:30am-6pm!! Talk about team work!! #EliteSquad Thank you!! @coachmoe24 @fitcharles_110 @fit_dibz @kamisha_thomas_ @fit_fruitygirl @kim_huggins24 @fittin.in @impacttheworld24 @tempowyatt @tre_fitlife @pieroramos91

Cannon closing it out for the Win!! #elitesquad #perfectgamebaseball @cannon.peercy

Happy Monday Yelpers! This week's #EliteOfTheWeek is Tonya B.! Tonya has been Elite for 2 years now and boasts over 99 reviews! Get to know Tonya: bit.ly/Tonya-B - Why You Should Read My Reviews: hospitality should be more than a decent meal, my reviews consider both. #EOTW #yelpelitesquad

After being gone and off my routine last week it feels amazing to be back home in my gym.😁 I missed my little at home gym and getting my sweat on in here. I was never one to be comfortable in a big gym setting. I always felt like others were watching everything I did. I know they weren’t but I just wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. That is why I let myself go. That is why I just didn’t try. Now I get to workout in the comfort of my home and it is so much cheaper than a gym. Plus I am able to go as hard as I want and blast my music. I don’t know if you are like me but if you have a hard time going to the gym hit me up and I will let you know how to do it from home.

And we’re off!! Wishing everyone safe travels! 2018 Nationals here we come!!! #elitesquad #eadcpride ✈️✨♥️ || the always beautiful @victoria_dancer02 for @urbanistalife 😍

Morning y’all! 🌤 Rise and grind y’all😆 I know it is Monday and the summer but get up, get dressed, chug your mom crack, and get your sweat on!🏖😁

Seniors ✨ The whole school loves and looks up to you, more than you will ever know. #ELITESQUAD

Wishing @milani_k11 all the best as she starts her USA journey tomorrow with @get_the_beat ✨ We know how hard you have worked and hope you have the most amazing experience! 🙏🏻 Do us proud! It’s been a long 4 year’s getting you to this insane stage and we know you are going to dance with all your heart. #ELITESQUAD

We wish @flexi_marzy all the best as she leaves for Italy tomorrow to represent Australia with @showcasedance ✨ Here she is performing her ‘Over the Rainbow’ routine over one year a go! She had only done a handful of competitions at this stage and was a complete dance competition rookie. Walked into @showcasedance Nationals 6 months after this performance with absolutely no expectations and just so excited to be there with amazing dancers. Look at how far you have come Amara! We are so proud of you! And can’t believe that this was one a year ago and you have improved so so much! 👏🏻 What a big future you have, this was one of the first times you performed this solo and was so nervous. In disbelief of the performer you have become in such a short time. We know how special this song was to you and your beautiful Grandma 💖 #ELITESQUAD #TheOneAndOnlyAmara

I'm gonna try doing pic fed, and if I like it the first match(s) will be posted next Sunday July 1st most likely on this account, but I'm not too sure. If I don't end up liking pic feding then just pretend this post never happened😄. #afw #wweelitesquad #elitesquad #wee #wwe #wrestling #wrestlingfigures #picfed #instagram #followme #gainpost #followforfollow #followtrain

After a day of traveling and eating unhealthy at least I can fall back on my super food shake.❤️ Plus makes for a great healthy dessert.😋

I know these guys are going to miss Geoffrey at much as me ): #elitesquad #toysrus #wwefigures #woowoowooyouknowit #toys

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