💘 Talked to an old friend today. I feel pretty happy . . #oldlove #oldfriend #emo

I need a leather jacket..


snatched this one from @ryanrosslivejournal but gah i love this

It's rare that I smile in photo's but I'm gonna post one just because. I highkey feel like lowkey no job will ever hire me and its annoying 😒

I have an obsession with stuffed animals. When I was at Comic-Con I saw Eevee and I couldn't contain my scream. 😊 Most think having stuffed animals when you're 18 or older is immature; friiiiiick that 😂 I loved them when I was younger and I'll continue to love them! Comic-Con was a memory to last, meeting Tom Holland, (who was an absolute dream come true even though I swallowed my tongue. 😂) getting an Eevee blanket and animal, being able to watch so many people come together just for one actor, the amazing merch they had there. How polite the actors were. It was amazing. I'm glad I only brought a limited amount of money to Comic-Con because I'm almost positive I would've bought weapons, stuffed animals, and probably a coffee mug of a middle finger. Correction. Several coffee mugs of something that would make a nun blush. But hey! I have Eevee! I have a few Pokemon that I made out of melting beads 😄 I love collecting. I don't horde, I collect. . ❤ALSO! Thank you everyone who has been commenting, liking, and tagging me in stuff. I know I don't say thanks enough but thank you! I appreciate it 😍❤ . I wonder what is going on with my eyes, recently I've been mixing up words when I write, type, or speak. I'll mean to say saw, but instead I'll say it backwards "was". The other day I asked for the ketchup and mustard and it slipped out "Metchup and Kustard." I keep mixing up my B's with my D's plus, i's and I's, p's and q's. I find it strange because I'm excellent at spelling, when I took my SATS I got Stanford scores. Just recently I've been writing wrong and fumbling on my words. Hm. . I just noticed my Eevee looks pissed. . . . . . #comic #comiccon #comics #eevee #pokemon #pokemongo #eeveelution #lyrics #stuffedanimal #emo #redhair #purplehair #pokeball #gamergirl #cuteness #cute #prettywoman #small #cosplay #emo #goth #alternative #tomholland #spiderman #funny #acecomiccon #libra #avengers #loki

Horrified looks from everyone in the room but I’m only looking at you.