@motivated_martian gave us tiny robots for closing night! It's a goddamn stupid life, but i'm glad we're livin it :) Goodnight #goddamnstupidlife!

Taking off my make up and plugging my horns back in after a long day of pretending to be human (in real time) #immortalproblems

So excited about all the awesome books I got this week!

Gettin' ready for a sold out show with a series of glorious starlets! Lets get goddamn stupid!

It's been a while since I've been this thrilled about a collaboration and I'm happy to finally be able to share it with you here. Come check out the hilarious, fucked up, musical, satirical multimedia spectacle of a play by @motivated_martian IT'S A GODDAMN STUPID LIFE @wychwoodbarns Solar Stage this Thurs/Fri/Sat at 7:30pm, tickets are $20 online via eventbrite or at the door. #goddamnstupidlife x #foottoface #collageartist #collageanimation #collagestopmotion #stopmotionanimation #multimediaartismultimediaartist #kafka #ubu

#1week1minute This is gonna be my last week doing this for a while (cause it's been a month now and that feels like a good time to end it), but i wanna see what YOUR lives look like! Make a video, use the hashtag, and document the intricate nuances of your liiife! This actually taught me some interesting stuff about how i spend my time and illuminated what my patterns actually are, so i am extra interested in what other people might do :) @kitroxmysox and @thesamantics already made super cool videos, so lets all do some more! Yay life

From one reality to another. Lets put on a great show! #goddamnstupidlife

"Haaaaaarvey, level with me! There's more honour going out by your own hand than being a casualty in the virgin suicides!" Cant wait to do another awesome show tonight! Finally, i get to be my true self #jezebelonging 📷 by @justine_olivia

Opening niiiiiiiiiiiight!

Literally so horny. How am I still single? I cant jezebelieve it #dressrehearsal #goddamnstupidlife

So privileged to work alongside hologram oprah. Get yer tickets at goddamnstupid.eventbrite.com if you wanna find out wtf is going on #goddamnstupidlife

aaaaand that's why you should come see my show #goddamnstupidlife Goddamnstupid.eventbrite.com

Goddamn Stupid Life tickets are on sale for only $15 today/tomorrow, so NOW IS THE TIME to get em! This is definitely the edgiest show I've ever been in. It's going to be super fucked up, and I can not wait to get back on stage with my heels and horns. If you want to see what happens when someone writes goofy political satire in the uniquely tumultuous climate of 2018, get your ticket today! Book today with promo code VOTEUBU at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/its-a-goddamn-stupid-life-tickets-46593014962

I appreciated the positive comments last week, so I condensed my week into a minute yet again! There were SO many shenanigans. If you do your own #1week1minute, tag me! I wanna know ur livesss. Also, learning about the structure of people's days is super interesting. Anyway, here's an accurate representation of how I spent my time. Enjoy! #behindthescenes

Rehearsal today #goddamnstupidlife

Yesterday was a total artsplosion! Pop Goes the World showcase rehearsal with @hugepicture 🚫🎩, Goddamn Stupid Life rehearsal outside 👑😈, then busting ghosts with the @_houseofvr crew at @therecroomca 🎮👻! This is EXACTLY what I came to Toronto to do. Wacky adventures at a minimum of eleven lunar minutes a pop. Comment with the coolest thing you've done so far today!