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I felt blessed to be part of this beautiful faith. Hagia Sophie #hagiasophia #travelphotography #travel #travelblogger #photooftheday #photographer #islam

🌻Senede binlerce,belki yüz binlerce turistin “Hagia Sophia” diyerek akın ettiği Ayasofya’yı hiç merak ettin mi? Ailene bir haftasonu “haydi AVM’ye” demektense “İstanbul’a bilet alıp Ayasofya’yı gezelim” dedin mi? 📚 AYASOFYA’DA BİR GECE • @ranademiriz ‘in yazdığı kitap benim Ayasofya’yı araştırmamı sağladı.Justiniaus’i merak ettim,araştırdım.Ah Tamara! dedirtti bana mesela😊Ben bu kitabı Türk gençlerinin yararına olacağını düşünerek çok sevdim🎈 🍭Not:Sonunu net tahmin edebildim,bunun da haklı gururu😄 @genctimas ne güzel bir kitap olmuş!🎈 #hagiasophia #istanbul #gençtimaş #yazar #poet #book #bookstagram #resim #art #museum #aktamar #turkey #social #activity #kitap #okuma #günlük #okudumbitti #summervibes #summer #holiday #2019 #bookstagramavcıları

This is the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. It was a church for 1,100 years. After the city was conquered by the Ottomans in 1453, it was converted into a mosque. . It’s rare for one building to hold so much significance for two different faiths. As you enter, there is a stunning mosaic of Jesus over the main doors, with the verse “I am the light of the world” displayed in Greek. Yet when you’re in the sanctuary, you see large murals of Islamic writing displayed on the walls. It’s an awe-inspiring structure with a rich and storied history. . When I was first exploring faith, I read through a good portion of the Qur'an. I was reading a bit of every sacred text I could find actually, including the Old Testament, some Buddhist and Ba’hai writings, and even the Rastafarian holy book, the “Kebra Nagast’. I didn’t grow up religious so it was all very fascinating to me. . It was when I read the Gospels that everything changed though. There was something profoundly different about Jesus. His words had weight. His personality had presence. I had never encountered anybody like him. I was totally captivated. . His words and actions made me realize that truth was not a concept to be found through religion. No, truth was something much greater. Truth was a person. And his name was Jesus Christ. . Most religions teach you to be a good person so can be saved (or achieve enlightenment, get better reincarnation, etc). The message of the Bible is completely different though. Instead of us trying to be good enough—God bridges the gap and does it for us. . Jesus showed us a different way. He lived the perfect life that we could never live, and died the death that we should have died. We no longer need to earn our good standing before God. Jesus accomplished it for us through his death on the cross. All that’s required of us is to believe. . This is radically different than any religion out there, and it’s why Peter says in Acts 4:12 that “Salvation is found in no one else. There is no other name given to men from heaven by which they must be saved”. . No religion can bring salvation. It’s only found in one man. One name. And that name is Jesus Christ. . (Artwork by Laura, words by Jason)