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I don’t think I’ve ever cried so quickly at one video, this song means so much to me for so many reasons and within the first 10 seconds I had tears streaming down my face 😭❤️ » » » » » » #onedirection #treatpeoplewithkindness #harrystyles #harrystylesliveontour2018 #treatharrywithkindness

Rip Angel! I hope it's beautiful up there! 😔❤️ #hazza #harrystyles #ripangel #rip

Pt. 205 I was at the airport in Paris when I saw the newest headlines and I rolled my eyes at them as I passed by the new stands. Not only was the “bikini clad babe” Jeffery’s wife Glenne, but the tabloids put most of the blame on my shoulders for the lies Penny had spread. They made it out to be entirely my fault which didn’t surprise me at all but it did remind me that I was on thin ice with Harry’s fans. If they thought I was mistreating him they’d go into attack mode faster than I could defend myself; and most of them already seemed to have been ready months ago. But I just kept my head held high as I went to grab my luggage, jumping when someone else grabbed it for me. “Oh no that’s my-“ I stopped when I looked up and saw a smiling familiar face. “Don’t worry, I’ve got it, miss petal.” Chad smiled brightly at me as he took my suitcase off the turnstile and started to wheel it away. “I thought we were all meeting at the hotel?” I asked as I walked beside him towards the exits. “Change of plans, there’s a bit of a holdup at the hotel. Seems some fans have already figured out where you guys are staying and they’ve swarmed the place.” He explained as he guided me through the airport; but as we got nearer the exits I noticed a group of girls nearby watching like hawks and trying to take pictures. They were no doubt waiting at the airport to try and catch a glimpse of Harry arriving, but a tweet about my arrival would get attention too, so Chad immediately stood between me and them to block their view. “What about Harry? How’s he gonna get through?” I asked as Chad held open the car door for me after having put my bags in the trunk of the black SUV. “He’s gonna go through the front so you can slip through the back.” “What? No! They’ll mob him if he tries to go in the front.” “We’d all rather it be him than you. We have plenty of security with him, don’t worry he’ll be fine.” Chad reassured me but even so I worried not just for Harry’s safety but I also hated he had to sacrifice for me. I didn’t like him getting mobbed so I wouldn’t, especially as we neared the hotel and I saw the mass of people outside waiting for him. “Back at it.” (Continued)

وحده من الفانز عطته ورد وعطاها آن " أمه" ياخييي ذا الولد 💗💗💗:((( #harrystyles

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