Ready!! To make a Major Comeback. 🙏🏾🤟🏽🕺🏽 Who hiring though ? 👀 #majorcomeback #7years #cadetlife #imready

season comin back #imready #underrated 🐐

Whip game retarded❗❗❗ Yeah it's one of my dishes❗❗ Grub Time❗❗❗🍃🍃💨💨⛽⛽💪💪 #exclusive #epic #explorepage #viralvideos #viral #imready #networking #followme #followforfollowback #independentartist #yungfyreent #demjboiz @geffenrecords @interscope #itzup

I've been practicing for the world cup..I think I'm ready

My last hour and a half as a 29 year old and my dude made me a drink, turned on my favorite show and told me how much he loves me. I have spent a lot of today crying and I’m not sure why. I tend to be pretty emotional, but this feels different somehow. Reminiscing on the last 10 years has brought back both joyous and painful memories, however the joy far outweighs the pain, so I consider that a win! God has truly blessed me, even though at times it may not have seemed like it. He gave me a beautiful life and made sure to let me know when I strayed from his plan. I accomplished so much in 30 years. I graduated college, found my best friends, got the best pup ever, finally found a job I love, met the man I’m going to marry and began planning the wedding of my dreams. I hope that my next 30 years are filled with twice as much love and at least ten times the laughter as the last. I love all of you that I’ve met along the way ❤️ #thisisthirty #imready

This momma has her heart set on getting her shit together. I make it day to day and barely make it paycheque to paycheque. And that needs to change. So! I will be making my Must Do list, I will be using the day planners for all they are worth (one for my purse and one for my desk), new journal to keep my thoughts, and my old journal is now my budget book! I am so excited to see where this takes me! New, Organized me starts NOW. #timetogetahead #organization #igotthis #imready

Regrann from @monacreida - A tan sólo unas horas para el debut de nuestra selección en #Rusia2018, 🇨🇴 les comparto el himno nacional cuando jugamos en #Brasil2014, eran 16 años que no jugabamos en un mundial. Esto fue lo más emocionante del mundo 😄, la música se acabó y todos seguimos cantando, el video se volvió viral hace 4 años jaja que bonito es el fútbol! ⚽️ Y sé que este año va a ser muchisimo mejor! 🎉 @falcao este es tu mundial! Dios siempre restituye! ☺️ Y a todos los Colombianos, que bonita excusa para celebrar en paz siempre! 💛💙❤️ #worldcup2018 #VamosColombia #ImReady #mundial2018 #SisiColombia - #regrann

Im going to bed all ready for mañana! #colombiaworldcup2018 #loscafeteros #imready

I’m ready for my next adventure!! 🖤✨ But mostly ready to not be sick anymore 😩