The difference between an unripe and ripe Banana 🍌 (on the right is taken today and he is 2 years and 10 months ripe) #thebananabird

This sure put a smile on my face. 😆

Le Caviar Osciètre...generous spoonful of Osetra Caviar atop a roll of Capellini very lightly dressed with tomato sauce.

For those friends who laughed at my plight this afternoon (hot and sweaty) for the kway zhap lunch... here’s the real food for dinner tonight! The yakitori at Otowa is simply the best... beyond words... fragrant, tender, juicy and yet nicely charred where it matters most! So good that I immediately booked another 6 seats for dinner next tue... donno why too but since it’s so hard to book, better get it down right away and arrange dinner partners later! 😂 drool away with the pics! 🤣 thanks @chenleeling for getting me the booking for tonight! ❤️❤️❤️ Joey loves it too! Blown away! #otowa #sumiyaki #yakitori #shokunin #sgfood #sgfoodies #foodsg #foodporn #foodlover #foodstagram #burpple #burpplesg #buzzfeast #buzzfeedfood #whati8today #igsg #instasg #instafood #instayakitori #ipayforallmymeals

Tucked in a humble space at Serene Centre, we enjoyed our dinner by the counter at @fatbellysg tonight. The 3 savoury courses in our set dinner were thoughtfully planned and skilfully executed. Salad was Duck fennel with mango balsamic reduction, a good balance of flavour and acidity. The Pearl barley risotto was a satisfying dish, offering nice taste and bite without the usual Carb. The truffled mushrooms were generous in serving and enhanced the risotto fabulously. Our favourite course was the Wagyu Tri-tip, with a 9+ marble score, sous vide before charcoal grilled to showcase its delicious fattiness. Residing together with @sugarhaus , our meal was also complemented with its ice cream and dessert that concluded the experience with smiles of satisfaction.

Curried Chicken Wrap - Generous portion of curried chicken filling(love the spicy kick) and melted cheese pairs very well together. The addition of toasted black sesame seeds provides a subtle trace of nutty note and a nice crunchy texture to the already flavourful wrap. It is my definite order each time I'm here! . ~ Oven-baked Molten Eggs - When I first ordered this, I was scratching my head as to how the eggs are able to keep its shape with the yolks perfectly done(still molten). My guess is this - the eggs are probably sous-vide first, crack open on the tortilla wrap and broil quickly with added cheese on top, forming that killer cheese blanket. A simple dish that allows the freshness of ingredients to shine through and through. . ~ Oh and that lovely Pen & Pencil house blend - my first coffee in weeks. Still as punchy as before! #EileenWantsToCampHereForever #BrawnAndBrainsCoffee #SgCafe #Brunch #Burpple #Eggs #Favourite #Best #GrabFoodie

2 month old cafe situated at Wilkie Road. With a modern industrial detailing, this new cafe is a spacious and grammable, great for a meal with friends. . In frame: * Sweet Potato Fries S$8.50 * Eggs Benedit S$16.90 * Baked Avocado S$19.90 * Classic Carbonara S$14.90 . #cafe #coffee #avocado #eggs #carbonara #pasta #foodsg #sgfood #instasg #foodiesg #sgfoodie #exploresingapore #sgcafe #cafesg #sgcafefood #sgfoodporn #instafood_sg #foodiegram #instatravel #instadaily #travelgram #igtravel #wishuponatart_eats

And So Today They Announced That This Is Coming Into Singapore . . Tried It And We Left 2/3 Bottle There Untouched For 3 Days . . Tasted Like Cream Soda On First Sip, And Just Sugared Water After 😕

...on top of the waves

Just chillin’, waiting to get roasted like a marshmallow on a rope skewer. 😂

@kayla_itsines, one helluva motivator - both in terms of smashing personal, business and fitness goals 💕

A mini chocolate waffle to get me through the afternoon!