is this a cherry limeade donut infused with @playarealtequila? yes. can you get some of these at @bougiesdonuts on #nationaltequiladay on the 24th? also yes. 🍩

Oh, hey friends! So, I didn't really intend to take a month off from social media, but we are! Truthfully, back in June I caught a case of the sads, and while I was mostly able to get through the day, it was hard to articulate anything that was going through my head. Streamlining my social media presence just made sense--although I was still here, reading a bit and commenting a bit! You guys know I can't quit you. ✨ Things are starting to feel a bit more even-keeled these days so...hi! How are you? Do you get the summertime blues, too? What is it about long, hot days that makes me go all wilting-rose like a Tennessee Williams character, anyway? ✨ I think the only cure may be lavender honey lemonade. Lots and lots of lavender honey lemonade. Cheers, everyone! 🍋

Always down for a good #downtownaustin happy hour! 📍@stephenfhotel 📸 @jbphotography_atx

Best buds! #HipKnitEdgar (Edgar is available as PDF knitting pattern or in the Norwegian booklet «Strikk en bestevenn» )🐙

Turbinicarpus lophophoroides growing past its spider mite damage.

Balconies are always tricky, because the neighbours of the opposite buildings usually come out and keep staring suspiciously 🙈

Always the best times with these two! We had such an fun and relaxing day at the @fstoronto spa yesterday trying out some of their new treatments ! #FSSpa

Sunrise through our window this morning 😍

The sunrise this morning through our upstairs frosted window 😍