Since I’m currently laid up on the couch with pillows and a heating pad on my neck and shoulder... (check out my insta stories) 🤦🏼‍♀️ Let’s pretend that we are stranded on a tropical island (no, not the desert!) and for some reason, you knew before hand that you were going to be stranded so you had time to pack (super unrealistic, I know, but be a good sport) 😂 You have to bring one food you couldn’t live without, one person and one item... 🌴 Here are my three: 👇🏼 Pizza... bc I could seriously live on pizza alone 🍕 My hubs... I can’t live without him 😍 My iPod... You know, music, podcasts... 📱 Your turn! I need something to get my mind off this pain, so tell me what your 3 are!


2日目追加 夕焼けはとても綺麗でした🌅 夜ご飯はEggs’n Things でパンケーキとオムレツを食べた!美味しかった😊 あとホテルの近くにキラキラしているところがあってちょっと立ち寄ったけどここも楽しそうでした😄 #hawaii #oceanside #sunset #eggsnthings #pancakes #l4l


A View Worth A Thousand Words ☀️

“Now how the hell are you supposed to eat with a helmet on? Headahh” 😂 ( #preorder in bio)

Real Estate broker observation on the 5 freeway in #Oceanside. Love the name! 🚛 @meatheadmovers