This is real life. I am writing this as I am in a post seizure fog so it is real and raw. Stephen snapped this picture as I slept my Valium off. He is my rock. This is only a few short hours after I posted my last picture. What a difference, right? I am tired of people saying, “You look fine to me.” or “If you can do that, why can’t you do this?” The funny thing is, seizures don’t choose set days or times to happen. You can have plans and they take over. This turns into your Friday night. Think before you speak to people who are suffering from illness. It hurts. You have no idea what they are going through behind closed doors. Just because we get dressed and go about life everyday doesn’t mean this picture doesn’t happen more often than not. #thinkbeforeyouspeak #socialmediaisnotreallife

this post has no relevance to anything really except i think its kind of cool no reason really like everything else now everything is pretty crap right now but this is Instagram where people pretend that their life is great and no one cares to check up on them and I hate that it makes me feel sick I don’t care about me but check on the people you care about because social media is toxic 5 points if you’re still reading but no one is hahahahaha because no one wants to know this sorry about the (less than) quarter life crisis I would say service will resume to normal soon but I don’t know if it will lolololololol