We’re serious about our handmade fabrics - this is how our khadi cottons start their life. After the fibres are hand spun, father and son get the warp ready for the loom. We have khadi cotton in stripes, checks and plains. Open Friday and Saturday 10-4, see you then.

"We want to communicate our fears of being lost scared scarred poor unloved forgotten alone different and a human being in this big concrete ATM we call New York." ------------------------------------------- Sideview of @drsc0 and @rxskulls newsstand collab. ------------------------------------------- #graffiti #wordsonwalls #tags #newspaperstand #message #streetscene #streetart #urbanart #nyc #lookup #lookdown #hiddengems #sideview #colorsplash #communication #wishiknewwhototag #notallwhowanderarelost #ninjasimoneinbk

1915 - Trinity Church and cemetery, on Broadway. Originally built in 1846, it is the third church to sit on the site (the original dating to 1698). This current iteration was the tallest building in the US from its construction until 1869, when it was surpassed by St. Michael's Church, Old Town, Chicago. At the time of its completion, Trinity's 281-foot spire and cross comprised the highest point in New York, until it was surpassed in 1883 by the stone tower of the Brooklyn Bridge, and in 1890 by the New York World Building.

A rendering of mischief

Day 28 - I really didn’t feel like taking any pictures today. So forced myself to take just one in my bedroom before bed 😂😂

He will soon be stalking tourists for English lessons but music and fags come first.

And then they headed to? McDonald's