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Greetings and welcome to "Holy crap! I took four weeks off of basketball. WTF was I thinking?!" 😲🤪😵🤯 You read that right. F-o-u-r weeks. I needed a break, to really rest my leg, and honestly wasn't going to take that long of a break but being an old man with kids, life happens. I would like to give a shout out to all of the brands that I tagged. Especially, the drinks. Let me tell you I drank a lot! Water was mixed in there, multiple times, so don't think that I am not grateful for filtered water because I am. How did it go? I was dying after the first 2v2 game and I expected my lungs to take a beating but not that badly. I wanted to quit after the third game because my body just didn't have the energy but I continued on. We started winning, then eventually we went 3v3, and ultimately 4v4. I don't know how many games I played as I lost track after 9 so my body really was put through the ringer and it hurt, but I definitely had fun. Special shout out to everyone that played today. We all fought hard, had some great battles, and everyone was in good spirits. That was definitely a great way to come back to the game. 💯🙏🏼👍🏼 #BasketballNeverStops #BasketballCulture #BallIsLife #PerformanceKicks #Shoepics #photography #California #Thankful #Blessed #Appreciation #loveofthegame #CellPhonePhoto #ThroughMyEyes #SasquatchApproved #SasquatchKicks #SasquatchPics #GROLB #GROLB4LIFE #SasquatchAndHisForest #FriendsOfTheForest #MambaStrikers #createyourgame_ #NotBroken #EmbraceYourSOLE #TheSoleFirm #KobeBryant #BlackMamba #MambaMentality #KobeAD

Here is a late-Sunday Word from the “Bread” for 7-15-2018. 🍞📖⚫️🔴 Keep this in our hearts and minds as we go into the new week. Have a good one! 🙏🏼 #RPhKICKS 💊 #HeatOnFeetGang ♨️ #PortlandSneakerheads 🌹 #TheSneakerArmy ✊🏼 #SneakerBarDetroit 👌🏼👑 #teamcoquisneakerheads 🐸 #TheMondayMidsole #TheSoleFirm 💪🏼 #Smiths_kickz 🏆🏆 #KICKSTAGASM 👟💦 #STONESWAG 😎 #SneakersPics 👍🏼💯 #LuckyCharmGang 🍀 #BuckeyeCitySole 🌰🏙 #TheKickodilehunter 🐊🐊 #lacedupshots #SneakerFiles #GoldenGrails #bobbysolez #unboxedapp #4daloveofsole 😍 #FeaturedFootwear #LacedSociety #thugkicks #SneakGallery #tecatodetenis #pr_sneaks23 👌🏼 #kixify

Women's or not, these are real nice 😍

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