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: That's what will be the reason for your success..

Reality Meaning the state or quality of having existence or substance or the state of existence. It's the reality. The reality is variable concept it's ever-changing, not fixed. Every person has their own reality. Two different people are having different situations in their lives, each of these situations are unique in their own way, they don't even correlate with the another. Suppose a person is going through a phase where he is broken completely. His perception of reality goes through various turbulences, switching from positive to negative and back. He is not having a shelter he is only thinking about how can he get himself a shelter, it's his reality. Let's take another example, a person just recieved a promotion or got an yes as reply to the girl he proposed, his reality is much lighter that compared to the other person, his world will revolve around these aspects, he will try to be more soulful. But why does reality changes? Every event is variable, no two persons' thinking pattern is same nor the situations. As humans we go through various different types of situations, and there are various aspects to a situation and each of these aspects shape our situations and experiences. And on the basis of the experience we shape our reality. Therefore making reality a variable concept, ever changing but with the shift of paradigm the concept changes. With the shift in assumption and the approach the view point changes resulting into a new way of thinking and looking things differently, causing a change in reality. . . . . . #reality #wordpress #words #wordporn #wordsofwisdom #writersociety #writingtoexpress #writersfollowwriters #writerspocket #writers_den_ #writerofinstagram #writingtoexpress #writingprompts #wordswag #wordplay #wordlife #wordart